Wednesday, January 31, 2007

LG Makes Limited Edition 60-inch Wood Plasma


Apparently LG waxes nostalgic for the old times when a TV weighed 200 pounds. Either that, or some product manager with a wood fetish got his way since they're releasing 1,000 units of a 60-inch plasma with a wood frame. It's only going to be available starting March in South Korea, but may come to other regions as well.

So when you watch the HD DVD of Fast and the Furious on this baby, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel's performances won't be the only thing that's wooden.

LGE to unveil 60-inch wooden PDP TV [Digitimes via Akihabara News via uber gizmo]

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Exclusive: Play PS3 Two Weeks Early

Gizmodo hearts NYC. Why? Because we get invitations like this one sent to us.

This is the flyer announcing a sneak-peek PlayStation 3 event that will go from 2PM until midnight on November 1. The people who get in will revel in two hours of sweaty hands-on time with with the most next-gen of all the next-gen gaming consoles. Space is limited, and this image is going to be replicated from here to MySpace in a blog second, so sign up quick. The RSVP URL is a bit hard to read so I've copied it after the jump.

Play Beyond anything ever created in the world of gaming before the November 17 launch date.

Join us for an exclusive preview of the PLAYSTATION 3 at PlayStation Source, the ultimate gaming experience.

Time and Space are limited. Sign up now for your timeslot.

*You must be 18 or older to attend. A vailid photo ID is required for entry.

Start: 11/01/2006 02:00 PM ET

PlayStation Source
160 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012

Start: 10/16/2006 08:00 AM ET
End: 10/31/2006 10:00 PM ET


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Addonics Snap-In SATA Mobile Rack: Swap SATA Hard Drives, No Waiting


Addonics aims to make swapping hard drives as easy as changing floppy disks with its Snap-in SATA Mobile Rack. Mounted in a 5.25" drive bay, it lets you hot-swap any 3.5-inch SATA hard drive. The rack itself is $26.95, buy a bunch of drives and you'll be on your way to having unlimited storage.

Sure, we've seen hot-swappable devices before, but this is a good way to get the speed of SATA in a hot-swappable form factor for a low price. It's as easy as USB with no pesky rebooting required.

Product Page [Addonics Technologies]

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Disney Pitches Mix Max, Mix Micro Players to the Wee Ones


Disney added to its line of electronic products embossed with its magical logo with a product it calls Mix Max. It plays Disneyfied movies and music via pre-loaded SD cards that, of course, are sold by Disney. The player has a 2.2-inch screen, so tiny it's only viewable only by eagle-eyed wee ones and Tinkerbell herself, and also brings along 512MB of internal memory for the ride.

Expect the kids to be nagging you soon for this $100 player, available in three nicely-etched styles including Tinkerbell (shown here), Cheetah Girls and Forever Princess. Amid this flurry of introductions, the company will also update its Mix Stix music player ($50), raising its memory to 512MB and is also introducing a little sibling for it, the Mix Micro (with a micro price of $20) music player with 128MB of memory. Ah, Disney: Sell a kid a product, you eat for a day; teach a kid to nag, you'll eat for a lifetime.

Full press release after the jump.

Disney Expands Electronics Line, Launches Mix Max Personal Media Player; New Disney Mix Max Plays Full-Length Movies and Digital Music on Tiny Memory Cards; Disney Mix Stick Now a Top 10 Brand in Flash MP3 Players at Retail

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 19, 2006--Disney today announced an expansion of its popular consumer electronics line for kids with the introduction of the new Disney Mix Max personal digital media player. The Disney Mix Max plays movies on Disney Max Clips -- tiny plug & play memory cards containing full-length movies from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Available in several colorful styles that kids and 'tweens will love, it also plays digital music, TV shows and digital photos. Priced at less than $100 and available in October, the Disney Mix Max makes an excellent holiday gift and offers kids the ultimate digital entertainment package -- with no computer or downloading necessary.

Disney first entered the digital media player market in the fall of 2005 with the launch of the Disney Mix Stick, and it sold out before the end of the holiday season. The product continues to remain very popular and currently ranks among the top 10 best-selling flash-based MP3 players at U.S. retail, according to The NPD Group. Digital video players are also a hot technology item this year, but most products on the market are priced beyond a kids' reach.

"With the Disney Mix Stick, we proved that kids were ready for digital music," said Chris Heatherly, vice president, Global Electronics, Disney Consumer Products. "The plug-and-play experience also proved to be a winning feature for parents who welcomed the idea of not having to download music for their kids. We saw an opportunity to do for video what the Mix Stick did for audio -- make it accessible, easy, and designed for kids with a unique sense of personal style."

Given the tremendous success of the Disney Mix Stick digital music player, Disney will also expand its Mix line of products this month to include the new Disney Mix Micro player as well as 10 new music titles on Disney Mix Clips, including the chart-topper High School Musical soundtrack and music from 'tween powerhouse Hollywood Records. The Disney Mix Stick Player has also been enhanced and now boasts new features, including upgraded storage of 512 MB, on-demand "MixIt!" playlists, and new designs appealing to all ages.

Disney Mix Max Player -- Digital Entertainment On The Go:

The Disney Mix Max lets kids plug-and-play full-length movies instantly by inserting Disney Max Clips from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, including the wildly popular Disney Channel original hit, High School Musical. The Mix Max also plays Disney Mix Clip music cards featuring full-length hit albums from Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records.

Priced at $99.99 (SRP) and available nationwide in October, the Disney Mix Max comes in several chic, eye-catching styles, including two dazzling High School Musical models, floral-themed Tinker Bell styles in white or purple, Forever Princess and Princess Flowers designs themed in pink, a Cheetah Girls model with a fun, leopard pattern look and a funky, 'Tween Bling style. For those who prefer a more modern look, the Disney Mix Max is available in contemporary Ice Blue or Silver Chrome unisex models. The Mix Max comes with stereo ear buds and a wrist strap.

Like the Disney Mix Stick digital audio player, the Disney Mix Max is designed specifically for kids and offers easy-to-use navigation for video and audio playback. It features a 2.2-inch color LCD display and 512 MB of internal memory, which holds up to 240 songs or more than five hours of video (memory is easily expandable with up to 2 GB add-on SD cards). The Disney Mix Max plays video at a smooth 30 frames per second -- the standard rate for TV shows. It plays video (WMV), audio (MP3/WMA) and picture (JPEG) files and features a built-in, rechargeable battery. The device also supports Windows Media DRM 10 so that content can be downloaded from popular music services such as Yahoo Music! A typical charge provides up to two hours of video playback -- plenty of time to watch a full-length movie while traveling, and up to 8 hours while listening to music. The package includes a 3.5 mm. stereo headphone jack, USB 2.0 port for connectivity (Mac & PC compatible) and a Windows Media software CD. The Mix Max also features Disney's new "MixIt!" technology that makes playlists as easy as the press of a button.

Add-on accessories are available separately such as the Disney Jam Stand Max stereo speakers/re-charger, stereo ear clip headphones and carrying cases to hold a Mix Max player. Retailers include Target, Best Buy, Toys 'R' Us, Limited Too and

Disney Max Video Clips -- Full-Length Movies For Easy Viewing:

Disney Max Clips are tiny memory cards that are approximately the size of a postage stamp and contain full-length feature films from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, including some of the most popular movies for 'tweens. They can be inserted into the Disney Mix Max for up to two hours of viewing.

"Disney Max Clips represent an exciting new content platform for kids and 'tweens," said Gordon Ho, executive vice president, marketing and business development, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, a unit of Disney. "This new format speaks directly to them because it's trend-forward and offers some of the hottest titles among this demographic. This is a great way to give kids easy access to great entertainment."

Fall/holiday Disney Max Clip titles include the following (SRP $19.99):

-- High School Musical

-- Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

-- Cheetah Girls

-- Lizzie McGuire

-- Cadet Kelly

-- Ella Enchanted

Plans call for additional Max Clip titles to be released in 2007.

Disney Mix Stick Player -- Added Features & New Designs:

Easily portable and creatively designed for kids and 'tweens, the Disney Mix Stick digital music players plays MP3 and WMA audio formats. Kids can download from popular music services, digitize their own CD collection, or bypass the PC altogether by simply inserting plug-and-play Disney Mix Clips, featuring full-CD length hit music from Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records. Disney Mix Stick players will now feature 512MB of internal memory (expandable up to 2GB via the SD/MMC slot) and the new "MixIt!" feature, built in to the player for on-demand, easy-to-use, and personalized playlists. Available at retailers nationwide for $49.99 SRP, new designs include White Tink, Princess Flowers, 'Tween Bling, Blue Chrome, High School Musical, Pirates of the Caribbean and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

The All New Disney Mix Micro Player:

This stylish mini-version of the original Disney Mix Stick makes digital music more affordable than ever before. At just $19.99 SRP, this 2.5" x 1.5" player features an SD/MMC card slot, supports WMA/MP3 audio files and plays music right away with Disney Mix Clips. It uses one AAA battery (sold separately) and includes stereo ear buds and a lanyard. Available designs include Blue Chrome and Disney Princess.

Disney's "MixIt!" -- The Easiest Way to Playlists:

Disney's all-new "MixIt!" technology makes personalized playlists as simple as the click of a button. Based on patented technology from MusicIP, "MixIt!" uses a powerful algorithm to profile the sound of a listener's music. While listening to a song on the Disney Mix Stick or Mix Max, a user can simply click the "MixIt!" button to instantly create a playlist of similar sounding songs. Because "MixIt!" is based on the sound of a listener's music rather than its genre, it can create unique and often surprising playlists on-the-fly that pull from across the user's entire music collection. "MixIt!" also lets users scan through their music library just as they might scan through radio stations to quickly find a song they like.

New on Disney Mix Clips:

Disney Mix Clips contain real digital music ready to plug-and-play, with the Disney Mix Stick, Mix Micro and Mix Max. These tiny memory cards are approximately the size of a postage stamp and feature complete albums with full-length songs featuring today's hottest hits and classic favorites. Based on the overwhelming success of its initial Mix Clip titles, Walt Disney records will be expanding its selection of Mix Clips from four titles to 12. Joining them, Hollywood Records, the label of 'tween stars such as Hilary Duff and Jesse McCartney, is releasing some of its top-selling titles on Mix Clips for the first time. Mix Clips also work with other WMA players with an MMC-compatible card slot.

Ten new titles have been added, for a total of 14 Mix Clip titles. New titles include the following (SRP $14.99):

-- High School Musical Soundtrack

-- The Cheetah Girls Soundtrack

-- Hilary Duff's Most Wanted

-- Jesse McCartney's A Beautiful Soul

-- Disney Mania 4

-- Disney's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

-- Remix Mania

-- Raven 2

-- Radio Disney Jams 7

-- Girlz Rock

About Disney Consumer Products

Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is the business segment of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) that extends the Disney brand to merchandise ranging from apparel, toys, home decor and books to interactive games, food and beverages, stationery, electronics and animation art. This is accomplished through the work of DCP's various lines of business: Disney Toys, Disney Softlines, Disney Home, Disney Food, Health & Beauty, Disney Stationery, Disney Publishing, Buena Vista Games, Baby Einstein, the Muppets Holding Company and Disney Shopping, Inc.'s catalog and The Disney Store, which debuted in 1987, also falls under DCP, through stores currently owned and operated by unaffiliated third parties under licensing agreements in North America and Japan, and wholly owned stores in Europe. For more information about DCP, please visit our web site at

About Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc., a recognized leader in the home entertainment industry, is the marketing, sales and distribution company for Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax and Buena Vista videocassette and DVD product. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Studios.

The LED Pen Lights Up Your Life, Paper


The LED Moonlight pen works like a pen, but has a light on the tip so you can read what you write, even in movie theatres, back alleys, and inside a patient's abdomen. It's perfect for creative types who need to carry a notebook around with them wherever they go, and can also act as a regular mini-flashlight for when you're too drunk to find the lock on your car door.

Product Page [Latest Buy via Coolest Gadgets]

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Digimate III Flash Memory Backup


The DigiMate III is useful for photographers on the go who need to dump their flash drives into larger storage without having to turn on a laptop or PC. The device fits 2.5-inch laptop-sized hard drives, which as of now are available in up to 160GB sizes—much larger compared to 2 or 4GB flash cards.

The DigiMate has USB 2.0 support, a 6.6x5.0 cm touch screen, a 2 hour battery life, and Windows and Mac Support. It fits SD, MMC, Mini SD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Compact Flash I/II, MicroDrive and xD Picture Cards. There's even an external battery pack that's powered by 4 AA batteries available for separate purchase.

DigiMate III Touch Screen Version [USB Geek]

Friday, September 15, 2006

AviX DVP-370Vx is an In-Car DivX Player


As if GPS navigation, iPod connections, and handsfree Bluetooth calls weren't distraction enough, Sarotech is going to launch the DVP-370Vx wireless in-car DivX player for the Asian market. [Insert Asian driver joke here].

The Sarotech player can play DivX, Xvid, MP3s and JPEGs—if you're about to die, why not have a slideshow of your family with you—and works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Since there's no screen on this thing, we're assuming this is wirelessly broadcasting video to whatever screen you've got in your car. The unit has English, Japanese and Chinese, so if you're really interested in DivX watching in your vehicle, feel free to import this whenever it's released. Just please drive somewhere far away from us.

Sarotech to launch in-car wireless DivX player 'AviX DVP-370Vx' [AVING]

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vizo Paragon 2.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure


Not only can this Vizo Paragon 2.5-inch Hard Drive act as a one-touch backup and take all your data on the go, but it looks pretty cool as well.

The enclosure supports USB 2.0, has two LED lights (green and red), can be USB powered or AC powered, weighs 70g and comes in blue and white aluminum. The Paragon model works with IDE drives, whereas a separate Saturno model works with SATA hard drives and has eSATA support. There's not much special about this drive, other than its unique styling, which is enough to make us want one.

Vizo Paragon 2.5" External Hard Drive Enclosure [XYZ Computing]

Parrot NOMAD Go-Anywhere Bluetooth Device


The NOMAD from Parrot is a hands-free Bluetooth device that has been in the works for years. It is a small, speakerphone Bluetooth device that would be great for the home, office and especially in the car. The NOMAD only weighs a few ounces and has 10-hour talk time battery life. Also included is voice recognition dialing.

Parrot's Latest Bluetooth Hands-Free Device [BlueTomorrow]